Ta’wil of ‘Saaq’ from Ibn Abbas

This article by Shaykh Dr. Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed explores what the word “Shin” (Saaq in arabic) refers to in the following Qur’anic verse –

“On a day when shin shall be exposed, they shall be ordered to prostrate, but be unable” (Qur’an 68:42)

It shows that the great Sahabi, Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas (radhiallahu ‘anh) actually made ta’wil (figurative interpretation) of this word. It is also a rebuttal to those who disputed its authenticity.


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  1. Assalamu alykum, they distorting even the narrators!! Subhanallah how eager they are to force there deviant Aqeedah upon the salafusalih!

    Dhahabi rh is definitely known for his tafweed no doubt. Even his explanation on the dhahir where one is unknown(tafweed) and the second is known! the second which is anthropomorphism! They(pseudo-salafis) affirm ‘the dhahir meaning is known’ so how does this qouteof theres agree with the first correct viewpoint? there is no definition of the meaning in it.. so this trickery of theres is a hidden way to misguide the muslims..

    I want to share something.. Shia disagreed with Ahlasunnah wal jammah in Aqeedah but took the fiqh of one of the madhahib.. They also picked and choose hadiths from the sahih collection such as sahih bukhari.. They used a word ‘shia’ from a hadith.. ‘The shia of Ali will be victorious’ and they called themselves that.. ie Shia.. Because they disagreed with the 4 madhahib in Aqeedah they had to seperate themselves and make a sect and re interpret according to there imams..

    Look at the resemblance.. Salafis use the word ‘salaf’ from a hadith ‘I am the best salaf for you’ and use this for there sect! So they say ‘Salafi’ Exactly like the shia! Did.. Another resemblance shia rejected hadiths in sahih bukhari similar albani did to some of them! Thirdly.. They take the fiqh of hanbali but not his Aqeedah! Whwre ahmad ibn hanbal rh said ‘without howness and without meaning’ Again like shia take the fiqh and not Aqeedah.. They also like the shia rely on there imams they also took the ‘interpretation’ of the pseudo salafi Imams rather then sticking with the words of the salafusaleh!

    And Now.. These narrators they try to weaken and reject with a twist of words.. And attack the trustworthy narrator! Just like shia do to The righteous sahaba rahum, shia do it openly.. Pseudo Salafis do the same play a hidden tricky game not so clear until its laid out in the open like this article which shows there blatent attack on the righteous narrators like shia do openly.

    Shaykh May Allah bless you in abundance and those who are working on this website to bring out the truth in the open Ameen. ALLAH is giving you victory Alhamdulillah please continue and spread it worldwide Inshallah.

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