Differences in Salah between Men and Women: According to evidences

The following is a short work on the differences in Salah between men and women according to proof texts (dala’il) from the Hadith literature as well as the scholastic views of classical Sunni scholars of the past .  It contains a direct reply to the claims of modern day Salafism and its figure heads like the late Ibn Baz (d. 1999) and Nasir al-Albani (d. 1999).

The keen reader may also obtain the following books for a lengthier treatment on this subject with regards to Women’s prayer specifically:


Major differences in postures between Men and Women in Salah according to the Hanafi Madhhab  (which has the largest historical following in terms of numbers):

namaz men Difference Between Men and Women Salah (Namaz) with Hadith Reference

namaz Difference Between Men and Women Salah (Namaz) with Hadith Reference

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  1. Dear Admin,

    This is a very valuable book by mufti Shakurvi. I had downloaded it earlier from other site and now from your site. The scanned copy is not very clear to read. I understand the pain in redoing it. But if possible can this be provided in better print scan.


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