Answering The Claim That Imam Abu Hanifa Advocated 8 Rak’ats Taraweeh

The following treatise is a response to two bloggers known as Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari (alias – Imran Masoom[1]) and his colleague, Abu Hibban (alias – Kamran Malik), from Birmingham, England.[2]The duo put out a calamitous claim in the name of the great and truly accepted Salafi Imam of his age, Abu Hanifa Nu’man ibn Thabit al-Kufi (80-150 AH), whereby they came off with an equally preposterous title for their so called “Volume 1” entitled:

The Refutation of Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed By Imam Abu Haneefah[3]

They presented this piece of so called “research” by blogging it on their usual ahlulhadeeth wordpress blog and dedicating it to this writer as some sort of “Eid gift” in Ramadan 1434 AH/August 2013. This so called “Eid gift” is no doubt of shoddy value, and thus it is deemed noteworthy of a relevant reply with the disastrously researched contents returned back to them for a due reimbursement from wherever they purchased it for a pittance without due care, attention and introspection.

First of all before moving onto replying to their bold assertion it is worth pointing out that these bloggers being responded to could not be bothered to start off their so called “volume 1” by praising Allah ta’ala or sending salutations upon His Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Secondly, their production is merely a meagre pamphlet of some 8 pages which also remained unnumbered. For them to claim it is a volume in terms of size is also a diabolical claim that truly contradicts the reality, for in no justifiable way can a piece of work in just 8 pages be described as a volume of dedicated research and typed up findings!

It is also obvious that this is their first official and pitiable endeavour at replying back to my work[4] in rebuttal of their earlier claims regarding the actual rak’ats of Taraweeh. This so called volume 1 seems to be the first of other expected responses from these bloggers. Going by what they presented to date after 4 years of silence then one is ready and awaiting the rest of their risible delusions as and when it is delivered if Allah wills. For these bloggers have a habit of blagging using the most atrocious style of language, exaggerative claims, ad hominem attacks, as well as decontextualizing the reality and digressing beyond the maximum available limits. This so called volume 1 being responded to in this short treatise is precisely a proof of what has just been asserted about these pitiful bloggers of a strain of pseudo-Salafism found scattered in the dregs of various Muslim lands today.

With Allah’s permission, this writer will present to the reader what these bloggers said and respond to it in kind in an appropriate and academic manner with precise referencing, as well as a presentation of quotations from original handwritten manuscripts to show the reality of the affair, that the true and only dependable (mu’tamad) position of Imam Abu Hanifa on the rak’ats of Taraweeh is 20, and not 8 as the bloggers claimed in their desperation to seek out some form of attestation from at least one of the four major Mujtahid Imams[5] that they held it to be apparently 8 rak’ats, and thus being the Sunna as asserted by these bloggers of disrepute.


[1] It has been noted by some that he is by profession an optometrist and the following seems to be his brief resume with his photo –!senior-optometrists/c1eex

[2] The duo have also been exposed, humiliated and charged with flagrant lying by their anti-Madhhabi brothers in faith in the city of Birmingham, England, known as Maktabah as-Salafiyya (Salafi Publications). The latter organisation compiled an 81-page dossier in expose of the duo and their friends from the district of Alum Rock, in a pdf file that was available for wide scale distribution and readership on the Internet (early 2003). This work was entitled: “Advice and Guidance to the 4 of Alum Rock & Their Associates And an Explanation of Their Opposition to the Usool (Fundamentals) of Ahl us-Sunnah Concerning Ijtimaa’ (Uniting), Ikhtilaaf (Differing) and Tafarruq (Splitting).” It was completed on: the 3rd of Rajab 1423 / 11th September 2002 by an unnamed author.

[3] See here –

[4] Known as: “Answering the claims that there are no authentic narrations for 20 rak’ats Taraweeh in Ramadan.” Downloadable from the following link:

[5] Namely, the Imams, Abu Hanifa, Malik ibn Anas, Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi’i and Ahmed ibn Hanbal. May Allah have mercy upon them all.

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