Shiaism – A Brief analysis

03 Nov, 2015

The following is a short and pertinent analysis on the history (ta’rikh) and beliefs (aqa’id) of a deviated sect known as the Shi’a translated into English from a part of an Urdu work.  The preface by the publishers mentioned:

“This booklet, which is an English translation of a chapter from Al-Kalam al-Hawi fi Tahqiq Ibarah al-Tahawi written by Shaykh Muhammad Sarfaraz Khan Safdar (r.a; d. 1430 ah) is a small effort to educate the Muslim masses about the errors of Shia beliefs with references from renowned Shia sources..”

Urdu version of the original book:


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Read online:

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  1. May 28, 2014


    Is the original book Al-Kalam al-Hawi fi Tahqiq Ibarah al-Tahawi availabe online also


    • admin
      June 02, 2014

      Wa alaikum salam. We have not seen it online. Wassalam

  2. September 22, 2014

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