Sahih al-Bukhari: Beautiful manuscript owned by Sultan Abdal Hamid II

The following is a link to download a beautifully handwritten copy of the most authoritative book of hadith in Sunni Islam, namely, the Jami al-Sahih of Imam Muhammad ibn Isma’il al-Bukhari (d. 256 AH).  It was owned by the Ottoman Sunni Caliph known as Sultan Abdal Hamid II

The details of the manuscript:

Bukhārī-yi sharīf : manuscript, [between 1567 and 1568].

بخاري شريف : manuscript، [between 1567 and 1568].

Other Authors: Abdülhamid II, Sultan of the Turks, 1842-1918,
Language(s): Arabic
Subjects: Bukhārī, Muḥammad ibn Ismāʻīl, > 810-870. > Jāmiʻ al-ṣaḥīḥ.
Manuscripts, Arabic > Michigan > Ann Arbor.
Note: Title from spine.
Text rubricated and enclosed in borders of gold, blue, and red; extensive marginal commentary throughout; illumination on pp. [1-2]; substantial damage to pages with some repairs; purple silk bookmark; unusual leather and velvet binding (late 19th- early 20th cent.?); marbled edges.
Muḥammad ibn Ibrāhīm ibn Ḥusayn….
Dates of copying and copyist’s name in colophon: (Arabic and Persian) tamma … min yad ʻabd al-ḍaʻīf … Shāh Muḥammad ibn Ibrāhīm ibn Ḥusayn Zīrbāʾī … rūz-i jumʻah māh-i Shawwāl vaqt-i ẓuhr sanat khams fa-sabʻīn fa-tisʻumiʾah [i.e. March-April 1568] … [in margin] nuqilat min nuskhah nuqilat min nuskhat walad al-muʾallif … wa-kāna naskh al-kitāb … fī yawm al-aḥad wa-al-sābiʻ min Jumād al-awwal sanat khams wa-sabʻīn wa-tisʻumiʾah [i.e. 9 November 1567] ʻalá yad afqar Shāh
For the Ṣaḥīḥ itself, see Mich. Isl. Ms. 183.
Purchased in Cairo, 1924. Once part of the personal manuscript collection of Sultan Abdülhamid II of Turkey.
Physical Description: 1 v. ([1189] p.) ; 34 cm.


First hadith from this manuscript:

The slideshow image is of the masjid complex where Imam al-Bukhari (rahimahullah) was laid to rest in Samarqand.

Download link:

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