Kitab al-Adhkar of al-Nawawi – copy owned by Sultan Abdal Hamid II, dated 770 AH

The following is an old manuscript copy of the well known hadith collection known as Kitab al-Adhkar by the famous Sunni scholar known as Imam Abu Zakariyya Yahya al-Nawawi (d. 676 AH).  He was a prolific scholar who excelled in promulgating the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence (Madhhab) and his Aqida (creed) was in line with the Sunni school of doctrine known as the Ash’ari school.  This manuscript was later possessed by the Ottoman Caliph, Sultan Abdal Hamid II.

The above image in the slideshow bar is from another original handwritten manuscript of the Kitab al-Adhkar of Imam al-Nawawi.

Biography of Imam al-Nawawi:

Source: Reliance of the Traveller (p. 1086, edited by Sh. N. Keller)

Source details of the manuscript:

Kitāb al-adhkār : manuscript, [1369] / taʾlīf al-shaykh al-imām al-ʻālim al-fāḍil al-ḥibr al-baḥr al-ḥāfiẓ al-ʻallāmah Abī Zakarīyā Muḥyī al-Dīn Yaḥyá ibn Sharaf ibn Mirá al-Nawawī.

كتاب الأذكار : manuscript، [1369]

Main Author: Nawawī, 1233-1277.
Other Authors: Abdülhamid II, Sultan of the Turks, 1842-1918,
Language(s): Arabic
Subjects: Hadith > Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Arabic > Michigan > Ann Arbor.
Note: Title page (p. [9]) illuminated; text rubricated; marginal corrections in hand of copyist; table of contents supplied in later (?) hand; on p. [416], praises to God in another hand.
… Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad ibn al-shaykh ʻAbd al-Raḥmān al-shahīr bi-ibn al-Z[…?].
Date of composition and copying and copyist’s name in colophon: qāla muṣannifuhu Yaḥyá … faraghtu min jamʻihi fī al-Muḥarram sanat sabaʻ wa-sittīn wa-sittumiʾah [i.e. September-October 1268] … qūbilat hādhihi al-nuskhah al-mubārakah ʻalá nuskhah qūbilat ʻalá nuskhah lil-muṣannif … wa-wāfaqa al-farāgh min taʻlīqihā fī fī nahār al-sabt al-sābiʻ wa-al-ʻishrīn min shahr Ramaḍān al-muʻaẓẓam qadaruhu sanat sabʻīn wa-sabaʻ miʾah min al-hijrah [i.e. 5 May 1369] … ʻalá yad
Purchased in Cairo, 1924. On p. [1], owners’ names: al-faqīr Muḥammad al-Asʻad ibn Muftī Zādah/al-Ḥājj Aḥmad al-Qurrah Ḥuṣārī[?] al-Ṣāḥibī[?]; on p. [1], owner’s seal (not identified); Once part of the personal manuscript collection of Sultan Abdülhamid II of Turkey.
Physical Description: 1 v. ([416] p.) ; 27 cm.

From inside this manuscript:


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