Islamic Mysticism and Abu Tālib al-Makkī : Review by Ustadh Imran Iqbal

The following is a link to download or read the review by Ustadh Imran Iqbal on the book entitled – Islamic Mysticism and Abu Tālib al-Makkī (d. 386 AH): The Role of the Heart by Saeko Yazaki. (London: Routledge, 2013, pp. xiv+196).

A biography of the reviewer:

Imran Iqbal after initially completing his Masters degree in Engineering (MEng) at Queen Mary University (University of London) went onto diversify his academic background by pursuing an MA from SOAS (University of London) in Near and Middle Eastern Studies and another from Birkbeck College (University of London) in Philosophy with his thesis written on Imam al-Ghazali’s view on scientific knowledge and causality.

 He has also pursued classical Islamic knowledge by studying under a number of local Ulama in London by  concentrating on basic Islamic sciences such as Ilm al-Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Ulum al-Hadith, Aqida and Ilm al-Kalam. His areas of interest include: Islamic philosophy and theology, Islamic legal theory, Islamic history of ‘ideas’, philosophy of science and the scientific method, epistemology and metaphysics in Western and Islamic thought.

He has a number of published book reviews in specialist academic journals and is currently pursuing a resarch project tentatively titled, ‘Trajectories in Islamic theological dispute’.   He is also a qualified teacher of Physics and Critical Thinking.

The slide show bar shows the front cover from a manuscript of Imam Abu Talib al-Makki’s Qut al-Qulub

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