Books Refuting al-Albani Directly or by Inference

This is a comprehensive list that mentions the titles of the books refuting Nasir al Albani (d. 1999 CE) directly or by inference. It was compiled by a brother from South Africa known as Arshad Cassim. May Allah reward him for the list. Please see his note at the end of the list.

It is a wake up call for those who over rate al-Albani as the Muhaddith of the age despite many not knowing that so many authors refuted him either directly or by inference, and this includes some from his own “Salafee” sect.

It is also known that al-Albani did not read the books of hadith or its terminology under any qualified scholar, but rather, he was self taught. This in itself is a contradistinction to the way of the real Salafi Imams and scholars of hadith of the past and present from the acknowledged Sunni Madhhabs who received direct tutelage from their peers, who themselves also had the privilege to attain the sound ilm of hadith with fully connected chains of transmission back to the Salafus Salihin and ultimately, Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), via Ijazat and Asanid.

NOTE: Hopefully some of the books mentioned within the list will be uploaded onto this site in the future if and when Allah permits.

Preview the list online:

Download HERE

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