Understanding the Attributes of Allah – Part 1 of 4

13 Aug, 2019

In this first part of the seminar entitled “Understanding the Attributes of Allah” that took place in London,  in December 2013, Shaykh Dr. Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed explained the Importance of al-Isnad and Ijaza. 

The lecture demonstrated how to acquire sacred Islamic knowledge in the true way of the Salaf, and it is also an eye opener for those who claim to follow  the Salafi Way but either fail to apply this methodology of receiving knowledge using the isnad and ijaza system, or completely dismiss it through their own faulty reasoning or stubornness. 

Hence, those who adhere to this classical tradition of acquiring and transmitting the Islamic sciences via means of the Isnad and Ijaza system are truly the adherents of the Salafus-Salihin (Pious predecessors), and its diammetrical opposite are mere claimants to that noble Way.


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  1. October 13, 2014

    is there any direct audio link i can download for the Shaikh’s discourses?

    Wa alaikum salam

    Please see here: http://sunnicourses.com/products.html

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