The Rules of Ramadan – Mufti Muhammad Shafi

The following is a short work on the rules and etiquettes pertaining to the Holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar.  It was initially compiled by the late Grand Mufti of Pakistan, Muhammad Shafi (the father of Mufti Taqi Usmani).  It was translated by Shaykh Muhammad bin Moulānā Harūn Abasoomar from South Africa.

The following is his introduction:

The Rules of Ramadan, a translation of أحكام رمضان authored by Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani (ra).

In this concise booklet the Honourable Muftī Muhammad Shafi Sahib (r.a.) has outlined the very basic rules of the blessed month of Ramadān. These rules are undoubtedly very pertinent and important. It is hoped that the reader studies this booklet prior to and during the blessed month of Ramadān.

In conclusion we have included some questions and answers pertaining to the various aspects of Ramadān. These have been adapted from the ask- imā website which is the official website of the Iftā department of the Madrasah.  We hope to update this section with other references in future editions – Insha Allāh-.

An index has also been added so that the reader may locate his query easily.

We make du’ā to Almighty Allāh that He accepts this humble effort towards educating the ummah of His beloved Prophet Muhammad sal allahu `alayhi wa sallam and that He makes it a means of our success in both the worlds. Amīn.

Muhammad bin Moulānā Harūn Abasoomar
Library and Research Centre, Madrasah In’āmiyyah Camperdown.

15 Sha’ban, 1425 Hijri

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