Tark Rafa Yadayn by Faysal Khan


This is an Urdu work, with key proofs also in Arabic, by Faysal Khan (of Pakistan) in defence of the evidences used to substantiate the practice of non-raf’ul yadayn (not raising the hands) in Salah (namaz) after the initial Takbir of Salah as advocated by the Hanafi and Maliki schools of Law. In doing so it is a direct reply to Zubair Ali Zai of Pakistan who attempted to weaken all such proofs used by the named schools of Law.

DISCLAIMER: To the best of our knowledge, it seems as if Faysal Khan is an independent researcher and not a scholar who has graduated from any Islamic Institute of learning from the subcontinent such as a Dar al-‘Ulum. His work has been uploaded as it was written in an academic manner, and he has utilised a number of good arguments and points within it.

The work by Zubair Ali Zai seems to have been used by some of his UK based followers (Abu Khuzaima and Abu Hibban) who published it under the following cover by abridging it in the English language:



It has been stated in our work on establishing 20 Rak’ats of Taraweeh as a response to the last two named individuals:

Indeed, these two compilers (Abu Khuzaimah/Abu Hibban) have also put out a short book in reply to most of the proofs used by the Kufan scholars and the position of the Hanafi and most of the Maliki school on not raising the hands (raf’ul yadayn) in Salah after the first Takbir, and they also dismissed al-Zaylai’s own authentication of some non-raful yadayn narrations from his Nasb al Ra’ya as a consequence. What is bewildering to note is that they released this book under one pseudonym of “Abu Asaakir al-Araaqee”!! Despite it being known that it was compiled by two individuals!

Preview of Faysal Khan’s book:

Download it HERE

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