Regulations concerning prostrations for forgetfulness in Salah

Forgetfulness (Sahw) prostrations (sujud) are necessary (wajib) to perform for the omission of any of the essential (wajib) actions of the prayer if done inadvertently.  Sajda Sahw is thus optimally performed after one salam to the right at the end of the prayer (Salah). It consists of two prostrations  and after them, one repeats the final sitting in full: reciting the tashahhud, and the recitation of the other supplications before ending the prayer with two salams as per usual.

This book by Mufti Habeebur Rahman Muradabadi  clarifies in English how to perform  Sajda Sahw  in various scenarios that may potentially arise for any worshipper.  The book also clarifies many of the actions found within Salah also in a succinct manner.

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