Nurus Sabah fi Tark Raf’ul Yadayn ba’d al-Iftitah‏ Vol. 2

This is the second volume of the book Nurus Sabah which is a work verifying the Hanafi and Maliki schools’ stance; that the hands should not be raised after the initial takbir of Salah, meaning, no raising of the hands in the other stages of Salah. The work is in Urdu with the evidences provided in Arabic. It is by Shaykh Habibullah Daerwi of Pakistan. In this volume he incorporates responses to objections raised by the anti-Hanafis of Pakistan who call themselves, Ahl-e-Hadith. There are also responses to the likes of Irshad al-Haqq al-Athari and others.


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See here for Vol. 1

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