Lecture: Tarawih Why 20 Rak’ats & Not 8?

TarawihWhy 20 Rak’ats & Not 8?
By Shaykh Dr. Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed

Presenting Evidences & Establishing Twenty Rak’ats Tarawih as The Sunnah & Not Eight

This lecture in over 2 hours took place at As-Subah Academy in London, April 2019.

The following are the Shaykh’s notes which he has provided. This can be used to follow the evidences being discussed during the lecture.

THE RAKATS OF TARAWIH As Subah Academy 2019

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  1. If Hadrat Umar (ra) prayed 20 rak’at then that’s enough for me. Anyone who says otherwise is basically claiming to be more pious than him. That’s pure arrogance as far as I’m concerned.

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