Differences between the virtuous Hanbalis and contemporary Salafism

The following is a book entitled – al-Sada al-Hanabila wa Ikhtilafuhum ma’a al-Salafiyya al-Muasira fi’l Aqida wa’l Fiqh wa’l Tasawwuf by Shaykh Mustafa Hamdu Ulayyan al-Hanbali. It covers the major and minor differences between the contemporary Salafi sect and the real followers of the Hanbali school throughout the ages in some 840 pages.

The pseudo-Salafi sect has attempted to hijack and impose its own brand of Aqida (Islamic beliefs) and claim it to be the way of the real Hanbali School which is also known as the Athari school in terms of Aqida.

This major contribution has demonstrated the fallacy of the Salafi sect and how it actually differs on many issues with Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal and his true representatives over hundreds of years. This is the 2nd edition with the new cover and the full pdf version may be downloaded below. Some of the issues covered in this book include the following topics:

1) Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal and his Madhhab (School of law)
2) Hanbali jurisprudence (fiqh)
3) Reply to doubts upon Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal
4) Hanbali scholars (ulama) and their ranks
5) Ibn Taymiyya and his status in the Hanbali school
6) Hanbali ulama who refuted contemporary Salafism
7) Islamic beliefs (aqa’id) between the Hanbalis and contemporary Salafis
8) Aql and Taqlid on Aqida matters
9) Ilm al-Kalam and the judgement on learning it
10) Judgement on excommunication (takfir) of Muslims
11) Departure from the main body of Muslims (Jama’a) and the recognised Sunni schools of law
12) Asharis and Hanbalis
13) The issue of Tanzih, Tafwid and Ta’wil to Hanbalis
14) The issue of Uluw and al-Jiha to Hanbalis
15) The use of weak narrations for aqa’id
16) The Maqam al-Mahmud and the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)
17) The issue of the eternality of Hell-Fire and the view of ibn Taymiyya that it is not everlasting!
18) About Tawassul, Isti’ana etc
19) The Prophet’s parents and their status
20) The Speech of Allah to Hanbalis
21) The Sahaba and the Umayyads
22) About Imam al-Mahdi
23) Hanbali Usul al-fiqh
24) Taqlid and what Imam Ahmed and the Hanbalis say about it
25) Bid’a (innovation) and its categorisation
26) The methodology of Imam Ahmed on the Science of Hadith
27) Jurisprudential (fiqhi) views that contemporray Salafis differ with the Hanbalis
28) Islamic spirituality (Tasawwuf) and what the Hanbalis said about it
29) Imam Ahmed, Tasawwuf and the Sufis
30) Hanbalis who were known Sufis

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  1. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatu

    JazaakAllah khayra Shaykh for this well needed resource of darultahqiq.com.

    Something like this would be great I’m a summarised form in the English language to be enjoyed by the layman.

    May Allah bless you and accept you.

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