Chronological List of Prominent Hanafi Jurists – English

Chronological List of Prominent Hanafi Jurists

The importance of knowing the dates of birth/death of the scholars cannot be stressed enough. For one, it saves a researcher from obvious blunders and inaccurate referencing. Many a times, several scholars or books share the same name but are from entirely different eras. Thus, when a scholar like Ibn ‘Ābidīn quotes “al-Lubāb,” for example, it is obvious that he is referring to a book other than that of his student, ‘Abd al-Ghanī al-Ghunaymī.

The following is a chart of the names, birth/death dates, and works of major Hanafī jurists, starting from the Imām of the Madhhab until the jurists of the present century. In this chart, we have sufficed on the relatively prominent jurists, as otherwise, there would be no end to the list. Many other Hanafī scholars could have been added, but were omitted due to their prominence in fields besides Fiqh. Wherever possible, both the dates of birth and death were mentioned. Otherwise, only the date of death is mentioned, preceded by the abbreviation, “d.” When an approximate date is mentioned, it is preceded by “ca.” (circa). The abbreviation “p.” means “post.”

It should be noted that the purpose of this chart is to serve as an easy reference for those searching for the names and birth/death dates of major Hanafī jurists. Those who are interested in detailed biographical entries of these jurists should refer to the relevant works, such as Tarīkh Baghdād of al-Khatīb al-Baghdādī, al-Jawāhir al-Mudiyyah of al-Qurashī, Tāj al-Tarājim of Qāsim ibn Qutlūbughā, al-Fawā’id al-Bahiyyah of al-Laknawī, and al-A‘lām of al-Ziriklī etc. The references for each entry alongside additional information is provided in the Arabic chart.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who have assisted me in compiling this list, in particular my beloved teacher Mufti Husain Kadodia and my fellow colleague Mufti Zameelur Rahman.

Readers are requested to notify the compiler of any errors or necessary changes.

Muntasir Zaman


Click here to download the English list of Hanafi jurists

Click here for Arabic chart

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