Aqida of the Salaf according to 8 Scholars of the past

06 May, 2017

 Aqida al Salaf al Salih is a book by Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Adil Aziza Kayali al-Hussaini of Halab, Syria.  This work demonstrated the true understanding of the Attributes of Allah (Sifat) according to Qur’anic verses and Ahadith, in response to the pseudo-Salafi claims of this age, by quoting large explanatory parts from the works of 8 leading Scholars of the past.  Namely:

1) Imam Ibn Kathir
2) Imam al-Nawawi
3) Qadi al-Shawkani
4) Imam Ibn Hajar al Asqalani
5) Imam Ibn Atiyya
6) Imam al Izz ibn Abdus Salam
7) Imam al Baghawi
8) Imam al Qurtubi


This is the full digital Arabic edition uploaded for the first time on the internet. 

Download by clicking HERE

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