An investigation (Tahqiq) into the term “Ahlul Hadith”

This booklet explains the meaning of the term “Ahl ul Hadith.” This term is used in many books emanating from different periods. The late author, al-Shaykh al-Muhaddith Habibur Rahman al-A’zami (d. 1992) of India spent his life teaching, writing, as well as editing some major Hadith manuscripts. He showed that those who claim to be Ahl ul hadith have completely misrepresented a number of facts.

A biography of Shaykh al-A’zami was presented here:

DISCLAIMER – The digital version of the book was not produced by this website but located in the public domain via the internet due to some one else’s efforts.

Read the work here:


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  1. As salam alaikum Shaykh,

    I browse your site into articles that clear my doubts and view points which the ahle hadith post. I have benifited by this article which i read a year ago. And also Shaykh Rehmani’s article on Abu hanifa knowledge of hadeeth and also heard the lectures of Musnad Imam abu hanifa from quran explorer.
    I was so benefited with this knowledge which the Indo pak ahle hadeeths talk of Imam abu hanifa. I admire his knowledge and people out of hate just dont read or ignore what a personality he was.
    The ahle hadith sect emphasize Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and dis respect Abu hanifa saying that he was from kufa, where there were few sahabi and islamic knowledge. On the other hand they speak tall of Imam Ahmad who was also from Bhagdad, the very same iraq.

    Reading has declined in muslim sect, they are deceived very soon by propogandist.

    Ahle hadith label all scholars as Ahle hadith and dont say that the scholar was ahle hadith and not hanbali or shafi in fiqh and also not from ahle sunnah wal jamat.

    They have blinded all people from ahle sunnah wal jamat which had always followed 20 rakt tarawee and the same scholars like ibn taymiyah, behaqi, ibn hajar asqalani from which they take hadith never quote that they also prayed 20 rakt tarawee.

    I appreciate the pain and work your undertaking

  2. Iam sorry for few mistakes in the above post.

    Ahle hadith label all scholars as Ahle hadith and dont say that the scholar was from ahle sunnah wal jamat.
    that includes hanafi, shafi, hanbali and maliki in fiqh.

    They just say hadeeth, hadeeth hadeeth

  3. Respected shaykh,

    I have read the articles where the ghair muqallids label hanafi’s have changed or misquoted hadiths in their favour.
    It would be great to also know where have the psuedo salafi’s, ahle hadeeths, and shaykh albani have changed or eliminated text in their newly printed edition of classical text.
    I hope the classical text are still safe in Libraries of Egypt and Turkey.

    Thanking you,

    kind regards
    A kazi

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