A Reply To A Salafi On How To Correctly Understand The Sifat Of Allah

This article is a reply to a Salafi by Dr. Abul Hasan on how to understand the attributes (Sifat) of Allah. The article covers technical terms like Tafweed al Ma’na (consigning the meaning of the Sifat to Allah), Ta’wil (figurative interpretation), and some sayings from the famous Sunni scholars on this matter.

Importantly, English speaking readers can see for the first time proof that Imam al Bukhari also made Ta’wil of a hadith mentioning laughter (dahik) ascribed to Allah, as presented from one original handwritten manuscript for now. A fuller article is under preparation demonstrating this confirmation from Imam al-Bukhari from at least 20 handwritten manuscripts of Sahih al-Bukhari, bi-idhnillah.

Ta’wil from Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal (and others) on dahik has also been proven with a Sahih chain of transmission from a work known as Kitab al-Sunna by the Hanbali scholar, Abu Bakr al-Khallal (d. 311 AH).

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