A beautiful Qur’an once owned by Sultan Abdal Hamid II – dated 1623 CE

26 Jan, 2014

This is a beautiful handwritten colour manuscript copy of the Holy Qur’an (mushaf) completed in the year1623 CE It was once owned by the Ottoman Caliph, Sultan Abdal Hamid II.

Manuscript details:

Koran : manuscript, [1623].

القرآن : manuscript، [1623].

Other Authors: Abdülhamid II, Sultan of the Turks, 1842-1918,
Language(s): Arabic ; Turkish
Subjects: Manuscripts, Arabic > Michigan > Ann Arbor.
Note: Illuminated ʻunwān on pp. [1-2]; chapter headings illuminated in gold and colored inks; gold dots mark verse endings; text enclosed in borders of gold and black; illuminated foliate roundels in margins mark tenths (ʻushr), thirtieths (juzʾ), sixtieths (ḥizb) of text, and prostrations (sajdah); edges gilt.
Date and copyist’s name in colophon: sawwadahu aḍʻaf al-ʻibād wa-aḥqaruhum Muṣṭafá ibn ʻAbd Allāh al-mushtahir bi-Ḥātimī al-mansūb li-marḥūm wa-maghfūr Ṣadrī Aʻẓam Naṣūḥ Pāshā … wa-waqaʻa al-farāgh min taḥrīr hādhihi al-muṣḥaf al-karīm fī sanat ithnayn wa-thalāthīn wa-alf fī shahr Jumādhī al-ākhir [i.e. April 1623].
Purchased in Cairo, 1924. Once part of the personal manuscript collection of Sultan Abdülhamid II of Turkey.
Physical Description: 1 v. ([732] p.) ; 19 cm.


First page of the manuscript:

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